Q: Are your products a perfect replica of the original?

A: No. In all of our reproduction parts we aim to be as close to original as possible, however constraints in material and texture can limit this, as well as the geometry of some OEM pieces. Limitations in the FDM manufacturing process also force some minor alterations to parts.

Q: Do your parts come with warranty?

A: All of our parts have a 5 year warranty against defects and fitment issues. As well as warping and cracking

Q: Can you make me custom parts?

A: If a sample of a part can be provided, or significantly detailed photographs and measurements provided we may be able to help. Please contact us for more information

Q: Can you assist with group buys.

A: Ofcourse, please contact us for more information.

Q: Are your parts 3D printed?

A: Many of our parts are manufactured on FDM Printers, however significant time and energy has been invested into ensuring the highest quality of part that can be produced utilizing these techniques, with many undergoing significant post processing work after manufacturing. We take great effort to hide extrusion lines and patterns