Prototyping, racecars and lockdowns

So the Covid-19 in Australia has been in full swing for the past 5+ weeks, while in my day job I’ve been working from home since early Feb. Normally spare time is something I’m in very short supply of and I would revel in the extra time at home to work on the cars, prototype some new parts. But the landscape has bought in challenges.

I cannot get supply of filament, most filament is sourced via China and as a result it has been on back order since February. All remaining stock will have to be earmarked for customer orders.

I also cannot source electronic components needed for parts like the MX-5 Center console delete , as these were sourced out of China and the final design of this part was only completed just before the lockdown.

So on to the cars, the MR2 needs a lot of work, however it’s all major labor and getting parts is a challenge again. The laundry list includes.

  • Engine removal
    Timing belt, clutch, waterpump
  • Oil system removal
    Laminova core removal, turbo feeds, remote oil filter
  • Fuel tank removal
    New fittings and walbro 460
  • Radium Fuel pulsation dampener install
  • Relocate FPR800 fuel pressure regulator
  • Install E85 sensor in the return line
  • Trim 222D hatch to fit better

A lot of the work is major, and with supplies thin on the ground I don’t feel like dismantling major systems which I wasn’t prepared to do. As I’ve gotten further along in my car career I prefer to have all my parts sitting down ready to go, with fresh seals, gaskets and other spares in the event of issues.

The MX-5 is in a good space with very minor work needed, the largest of these jobs is to colour code the hardtop and refit the front splitter/undertray. Perhaps I’ll update the build thread of that car with more information and details later.